Tua Trend

Tua Tre'nd, Giving you a non-surgical facelift!

Why Tua Tre'nd?

During life, our face undergoes visible changes: wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the face's oval changes its lines, the skin loses its normal elasticity, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks and relaxation on the neck. Cosmetics can effectively moisturize and smooth the skin, but to lift the face, something must be done to the structural parts, i.e. the muscles.

The face's skin lies on and is attached to a structural "carpet" made up of numerous muscles: their loss of tone and compactness is the main cause of loose skin and aging of the face. Managing to keep sufficient volume and tropism, particularly at the level of the less-used fiber's, means restoring a face's youthful looks.

Tua Trend

How tua tre'nd works?

The Tua Trend is the next generation of micro-current machines. This clever, yet easy to use device effectively strengthens muscles and lifts cheeks, double chin, jowls and brows, while it tones and tightens eye contours, jaw line, neck and forehead muscles. Improvements can be seen in 10 -14 days.

Say good-bye to flabby sagging skin on the face and neck. The next level in natural anti-aging beauty products is here.

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